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Uncertainty can be quite unsettling. Sometimes in life, things we would want to be sure of get out of control, which sometimes leads to anxiety. These times of a pandemic have led to many in the world asking big questions; What does the future hold for me? Will a cure for this disease be found? How is work going to be? For how long can I feed myself and my family on unpaid leave? Am I even going to lose my job after all?

I have found myself anxious, especially in times of transition in my life and when faced with uncertainties. However, Jesus’ words in Matthew 6:25-34 have been particularly helpful to anchor my soul. I am aware that anxiety can be a medical disorder at times, but I do not intend to handle this in this article. I will share a bit of what…

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Why should I gain from his reward?

It is Easter again! A time when hear the same old story: the story of that rugged cross. That story that matters more than any other story in human history! The story that brought good news to such wretched people like us. Even though a cross was such a shameful symbol of execution, it has... Continue Reading →

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